The Art of Inspiration

I’m often asked: “Where do you get your inspiration?” I really do get excited and inspired by so many things. Often just walking through city streets, looking at interesting construction details, seeing lighting used in an interesting way, examining unplanned material juxtapositions, and seeing newly well-designed interiors helps me to [...]

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Selecting art

There are so many things that help to give the finishing touches to a room: the perfect window treatment, ideal accessories, quality silk florals. But I believe a room doesn't feel lived in until there is art on the walls. This past week, we've been busy finalizing the selection of [...]

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Outdoor Furniture

We're into the month of July already and I'm just now blogging about outdoor furniture because it's always a good time to make improvements outside. If you are looking to do something new, I would suggest some really great furniture that makes a strong impression and will enhance your time [...]

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In-Site in the The News

544 Union Avenue, a new rental development with interiors designed by In-Site, hits its mark coming into the Williamsburg neighborhood, and the New York Times takes notice... "The 95-unit 568 Union has been fully leased since early 2012, and 544 Union recently rented out all of its 94 apartments. When [...]

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How does an interior designer charge?

I get this question a lot. There are several different ways a designer charges to work with a client to make their office or home, a great place to be. For commercial projects, a project fee is the best. While everyone wants to know what the full project would cost, [...]

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The shiny on LED Lighting

I finally understand just why LED lighting is the future of all lighting. Of course I could see the crispness of the light and agree with the fact that for such a low usage of energy, the light output is considerable. But now I have a fine appreciation of how [...]

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ICFF 2014

For those of you In The Know, ICFF is always much anticipated. For those others who Like to Know: ICFF is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair that is typically held in May at the Jacob Javits Center....but it's not just furniture! The Javits Center is large enough to hold the [...]

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The Importance of Amenity Spaces

As a designer of new apartment buildings, I understand just how important it is to include great amenity spaces. Tenants of large buildings want additional spaces so that it makes them feel as if they have larger living areas. The ability to go to a community lounge helps to extend [...]

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