There are so many things that help to give the finishing touches to a room: the perfect window treatment, ideal accessories, quality silk florals. But I believe a room doesn’t feel lived in until there is art on the walls.

This past week, we’ve been busy finalizing the selection of thirty pieces of art to complete a corporate office space prior to move in. We designed the space, selected all the furniture and were priviledged to complete the design by selecting the artwork. We chose all types of art: beautiful original lithographs, abstract photographic prints, colorful canvases, and 3-d wall decor. We also had the opportunity of commissioning a photographer to capture the essence of the client’s business to feature it as framed art. They are stunning views of their buildings and are wonderful abstract photos simultaneously.  Mobiles also enliven the large workstation area, bringing movement and color to the open space.

So how do you select the right art? First and foremost, art is visceral. What does that mean? It means you have to FEEL it. Something about the image will appeal to you on a physical/intellectual/emotional level: it will interest you, excite you, grab your attention. It may be the color, the form, the shapes, or a particular detail that attracts you. That’s the artwork to consider.

Then, size…yes, that’s important. Are you trying to fill a wall? Make sure the piece is large enough. Maybe two pieces will fill the wall better, or a triptych: three pieces that function as one may work well. Art for over a sofa? A horizontal piece usually works best, one that is about 12″ in from each side. Is the wall taller than wide?, Then go for a vertical artwork. Is the wall wider than tall?: Horizontal art is best.

Then color…Introducing or enhancing an accent color in the room is ideal. Color is energy, enlivening. Black can also be enlivening, usually in its form.

The key is to enjoy the art you select. When you look at it, it should make you Feel…..

“Color Creates Energy,

Energy Creates Inspiration,

and Inspiration creates Change.”

Ricky Lee Gordon