Thanks to our friends at Sage AV, this article focuses on integrating entertainment technology into great home interior design.

These days, exceptional interior design demands the adoption of technology. While technology used to be a stumbling block to flawless interior design, today, designers incorporate technology into home designs to enhance the style, functionality, and sustainability of spaces while maintaining the integrity of the design. Installations such as TVs and sound systems that would get in the way or were an eyesore are now able to simply blend in or disappear.

So, whether you are remodeling your home, or performing a much-needed upgrade, here are some technologies that you should consider.


One of the most common challenges interior designers face today is successfully blending entertainment with style. One product that has effortlessly accomplished this is the Mirror TV. Mirror TV functions like your normal TV; allowing you to watch all your favorite shows and movies. However, unlike a normal TV that turns to a dark screen when turned off, a Mirror TV is designed to look like a framed mirror, beautifully adorning your walls.

Mirror TVs are stylistic and practical and great for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Smaller sizes are great for bathrooms and kitchens, while the large sizes are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms and there are lots of options to choose from in terms of color, finishing, and frames.


The Under Bed TV lift is a unique mechanism that stores your flat screen under your bed. This eliminates the need for installing cabinetry at the foot of your bed. It is a compact and sleek pop-up design that helps create a different dimension in your room as its revealed and concealed by the use of a motorized flap. An in-ceiling TV lift ensures complete integration of your TV and space while offering functionality and discretion. It offers you the theatre experience as you operate it automatically from your seat.


These panels can slide back at the push of a button to expose a TV when being watched and make it disappear when not needed. They can be custom made in a variety of textures, patterns, finishes, and grains. You can choose between artwork and fabric movable panels. These panels are great at hiding anything you don’t want people to see all the time.

We’ll continue a review of available technologies in our next blog by Save AV.