I’m often asked: “Where do you get your inspiration?” I really do get excited and inspired by so many things. Often just walking through city streets, looking at interesting construction details, seeing lighting used in an interesting way, examining unplanned material juxtapositions, and seeing newly well-designed interiors helps me to think in new ways and want to try new things!

Then for the days when my heart just clamors for overwhelming beauty I go to the Metropolitan Museum – one of my favorite places in the world (more on those later!) The Met is filled with relocated rooms (the Art Nouveau “Wisteria Dining Room” with wood veneer that looks like crocodile skin), the stunning marble sculptures in the Sculpture Hall especially those by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux that feature stone that looks like skin, the Frank Lloyd Wright room (which I analyzed while in art school), the stained glass beauties from the Tiffany Studios, the Sullivan staircase, the color of the Impressionists, the large scale of the Moderns….and on and on. I spend time roaming the halls of that great library of art and design and am filled with an excitement, a sense that even small artists (such as I might consider myself) make an impact on this world.

The Met ranks up there with my favorite places along with the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris (it’s like being inside a jewelry box with all the colorful stained glass windows), the Santa Maria Novella in Florence with its perfect proportions, and the NYC Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright with its beautiful spirals. These are places that are infused with beauty in form, color, and proportion and make my heart sing.

Lastly, traveling is a great source of inspiration for me. Here are a few photos from my recent trip to Barbados that sparked my imagination. I hope you find things today that serve to fill your heart and inspire you!

P1030167 FishP1030042 Accra HotelIMG_4285

P1030166 Turtles