We’re very excited to have been awarded this honor in a design competition by the QBBA, the Queens Bronx Builders Association. Despite their name, this builders association’s competition was open to all projects built in the City in 2014. Because we are proud of this project and the client was very satisfied with the design and how fast they achieved full occupancy, we decided to enter it. And we’re happy to have been selected as a winner! All of the Team members received an award: The Client, Heatherwood Communities; The Architect: Karl Fischer Architects, The Builder: J. Petrocelli Inc, and the Interior Design Team: In-Site Interior Design. Our design team consisted of Patricia Jorquera, Mallory Bohan and Cynthia Levine. Apts and Lofts, the real estate broker for the building also was heavily involved in bringing this building to its successful completion.

What goes into a successful project: good planning: the spaces have to be well planned, the program for recreation spaces has to be strong, and the design of the exterior has to be really good. And the teams involved need to have good communication to make a 16 month construction process flow smoothly.

In the beginning phases of construction, the team met bi-weekly to address issues. As construction progressed, the team meetings became weekly meetings to ensure that everything was moving smoothly and issues were addressed by all parties as they arose. As the interiors began, In-Site joined the meetings to address interior construction issues and provide solutions. Ceilings were modified when beams were lower than expected or electrical panels ended up being larger than anticipated. Materials were reselected when the lead time would impinge on the overall construction schedule. Finish samples were checked to verify what was being ordered matched what was specified.

For this project we were asked by the client to select all the furniture and art, so we had design control over the overall end look of the interiors and were happy for it. We had the opportunity to select all of the accessories as well, and when I last returned to the building to confirm the terrace furnishings were all in place, I had the pleasure of being complimented by one of the new tenants. She thought the building was beautiful and was very happy living, playing, and enjoying her life there. And that is my true reward for a job well done.