Townhouse decorated with a SoHo style interior design

With great pleasure, In-Site Interior Design was given the opportunity to do a contemporary interior design for a private condominium. The renovation was completed for a client who was focused on modern design and creating a peaceful environment to come home to every day. The design team gave the homeowner just that by updating the finishes, furniture, and artwork while being mindful of their budget.

In-Site Interior Design’s goal was to update the space by differentiating the areas of the apartment. In the living room, our interior design team chose a warm gray paint color for the walls.  Complimentary wood flooring tones provide a warm and cozy feeling throughout the living spaces. Working with the existing kitchen cabinets, we upgraded the look with modern cabinet hardware. Choosing a strong blue sectional fabric accentuated the space and adding a white shaggy rug further enhances the modern feel. A fun array of silver and gold discs combined with artwork bring interest and excitement to the dining area. Sculptures both new and owned by the client add a level of texture throughout.

kitchen with an Upper East Side style interior design

For the bedroom, the homeowner wanted a change that would stand out as bold and strong. The client’s love of black and white led to one full wall of black paint color that creates drama. An otherwise creamy and white palette offsets the boldness to bring the desired uplifting experience to the bedroom. Carefully selected artwork completes the interior design and lends a soft, feminine touch.

kitchen with an Upper East Side style interior design

Transforming a space to compliment the client’s personality comes from In-Site Interior Design’s careful listening, talents and experience in satisfying client’s desires and goals.