It’s not often that we stop to think of what Design will be like in 40 years, but I had the opportunity to do so for when I entered the Impact of Design competition. So here are my predictions. I welcome your feedback and your predictions for the Future of Design.

The most important trend happening right now and one we can expect to gain momentum in future years is Greener Living. People will strive to make their living and working spaces more ecologically friendly. I believe they will focus on using paints with no-VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds…the element that makes paint smell.) They will request non-formaldehyde adhesives in their cabinetry, and wood from Certified Forestry Products. Currently water-saving showers and toilets are the standard, and the use of wall-hung toilets which help keep the bathroom cleaner will expand. The future will also bring more energy-conscious, well-designed products to market.

Socially, Great Rooms and open layouts will foster togetherness. The Kitchen, the heart of every home, is the center hub and living/dining spaces will surround it. Family functions will continue to happen around island counters and when the cooking is integrated into the socializing, good times follow. With so many popular cooking shows, we can expect more great meals!

And with larger, community spaces in the home, the creation of quiet, personal spaces increases. Also with more people working at home, a dedicated office/quiet space is key. When couples both work from home, separate offices are going to be more widely needed. Each needs a place to focus on their media and work, away from others. An office with a lounge chair does double duty and a quiet color palette can provide a private retreat.
I believe media centers/charging stations will happen in more rooms. Fewer tv’s will be in the home because we’ll be watching what we each want to on our media. But we’ll still have one big tv in the house for events and games.

Design elements in the future will be simpler and there will be a strong design improvement of basic items: door hardware, thermostats (ie. Nest), light switches and outlets. Wood moldings will also get simpler and there will be a widespread use of ultra-thin porcelain tiles, especially for renovation projects. These tile maintain the strength of standard porcelain tiles, but with a crazy, thin profile enabling them to be installed directly onto other surfaces. And look for further developments in engineered wood flooring and LED lighting! I’m looking forward to incorporating all of these in our future projects!

Wishing You Happy Design Times!
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