The prospect of attending the HD Expo in Las Vegas was attractive so that I could also get to see some of the hotel spectacles I hadn’t had the chance to see since my last visit 20 years ago. So I had a lot of catching up to do! Well, overall it did not disappoint, although the “spectacle” of it all is so over the top! But then I remind myself: isn’t that the point of Las Vegas!

I wish I had time to visit more hotels but my favorite this time around was definitely The Wynn. With its fanciful courtyard I felt like it was Macy’s Flower Show on Steroids! I especially loved the parasols undulating from the ceiling and the floral floor mosaics. The Picasso restaurant was a treat in both fine dining and art. I loved being surrounded by $200M worth of his art!

Here are some excellent design elements:
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