Thanks to our friends at Sage AV, this article focuses on integrating entertainment technology into great home interior design.

These days, exceptional interior design demands the adoption of technology. While technology used to be a stumbling block to flawless interior design, today, designers incorporate technology into home designs to enhance the style, functionality, and sustainability of spaces while maintaining the integrity of the design. Installations such as TVs and sound systems that would get in the way or were an eyesore are now able to simply blend in or disappear.

So, whether you are remodeling your home, or performing a much-needed upgrade, here are some technologies that you should consider.



Invisible speakers, commonly known as tape-in/plaster speakers, have become popular fixtures in both homes and offices. The concept of invisible speakers is not entirely new. However, advances in sound technology have made these systems quite trendy. They are installed in wall and ceiling cavities, taking up no extra space. More so, these high-tech speakers sound quality remains crisp, even through walls and ceilings.



If you’re taking the time to invest in the most up-to-date technology for your home, you also want to ensure your surroundings and contents are aesthetically pleasing. Trufig is a revolutionary flush mounting system that provides you the option of keeping the integrity of your design vision, eliminating conspicuous and bulky design flaws. From phone plates to switches/dimmers to home automation keypads and electrical outlets, this innovative technology eliminates protrusions from finished wall surfaces, complementing the architecture and creating a harmonious design, rather than distracting from it.


Custom Lighting Controls

Sublime interior design always takes into account lighting controls. A typical centralized lighting system makes a huge improvement by reducing “wall acne”. A bank of 6 or 7 light switches can be replaced with a clean single gang keypad. That being said, options from Forbes to Lomax, Meljac, and Bocce take it one step further and definitely add a new level of excitement to design. These companies offer a variety of button and toggle solutions that blend in nicer with the decor. They can be integrated into your lighting system but also be programmed to control your window shades or even your music.


As technology continuously advances, it is imperative that interior designers are aware of these emerging trends and their correlation to interior design. This allows for ingenious contributions in functionality, style, aesthetics, and proper use of space. Regardless of what you’re looking to upgrade in your home, finding an interior designer is the easy part, but finding one that knows all the new aesthetic options available will make the difference between an average upgrade or a technologically-superior one.