Fifth Avenue Medical Office Interior Design

In-Site Interior Designers worked closely with a construction firm for this Fifth Avenue medical office interior design in NYC. Our sophisticated and contemporary design creates an environment that is positive and inviting for the clients and employees of the office and conveys the prestige of the medical practice. [...]

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Technology and Design

Thanks to our friends at Sage AV, this article focuses on integrating entertainment technology into great home interior design. These days, exceptional interior design demands the adoption of technology. While technology used to be a stumbling block to flawless interior design, today, designers incorporate technology into home designs to [...]

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Building Community through Design

The goal was clear. Transform a 20-year-old Condo Community Center to create an inviting and comfortable place for the residents. A place where they could meet and engage. The question of how this should be achieved varied widely. Listening carefully to the needs of the various constituencies, In-Site [...]

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It’s Time to Make That Move

Most building owners don’t want the interruption brought on by construction. It’s challenging and requires coordination with the existing tenants. But clients have told us shown that their tenants are happier once the work is complete and more tenants renew their leases. The key is having a team [...]

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Working With a Designer … Things to Know

WHERE TO START? It can be intimidating to start working with a designer on a new residential or commercial design project. Many of our interior design clients throughout the NYC Metro Area have come to us not knowing how to even begin the process. The way we alleviate [...]

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Healthcare Confidential Podcast – Designing Your Office Space with Elizabeth S. Vaughan

The need for welcoming environments and improvements on spacial relationships with guests, has never been more important in the Healthcare industry than today. On this episode of the Healthcare Confidential podcast, Theresa Jacobellis talks with award-winning designer Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan about the importance of creating an medical office environment that [...]

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What We Can Do to Create Healthy Buildings

The Covid-19 crisis will have far reaching consequences. For the interior design industry, it will mean a greater focus on creating spaces that help to keep occupants healthy. As a LEED Accredited designer, most recently we have been focused on keen energy-saving methods and material reuse strategies. Now, we can [...]

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