It can be intimidating to start working with a designer. The way we alleviate  a potential client’s concern is to help focus them on the key aspects of starting a project:

-Determine the scope of work.

-Determine the stylistic preference for the space.

-Determine the budget.

When those details are addressed and defined, then the design process can proceed smoothly.

Determine the Scope of work:

How much of the space will be affected. What is the square footage or how many rooms are getting upgraded? Will there be new furniture? New lighting?

Determine the stylistic direction for the space:

We do this by showing the prospective client a variety of images to see what they respond to. Reactions are often immediate and visceral. Contemporary fans may not know that they like contemporary style, but when shown a photo of a traditional space they just KNOW they don’t like it. And traditionalists who prefer more classic detailing will react quickly when they see contemporary spaces, clearly giving us the direction we need to develop a design in the style they prefer. And sometimes there’s a preference for something in the middle. We can work with that also.

Determine the budget:

This is a crucial element to having a successful project. Be clear about your financial goals. Understand the realities of the current economic climate: wallcovering is more expensive than painting; high end appliances are more expensive than middle of the road appliances. The right designer can come up with comparisons and give you options so you can make educated decisions as the project progresses.

At each stage we help our clients understand the costs by offering comparisons in materials and design options. Our detailed interior construction drawings allow for contractor bids that are complete and our project management saves time and money by ensuring that things are built correctly the first time. And open and regular communication creates the channel to making your spaces the best in both function and beauty.

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