Most building owners don’t want the interruption brought on by construction. It’s challenging and requires coordination with the existing tenants.

But clients have told us shown that their tenants are happier once the work is complete and more tenants renew their leases. The key is having a team that communicates with all of the parties to make the construction process smoother.

Our project for a Condo Board went smoothly from the initial design presentation to the approval of the construction drawings to the final installation. Yes, the supply chain issues made for a longer than expected construction schedule, but now that the Lounge is complete, everyone is happy that they decided to move ahead with the project when they did. I’m told people are breaking dawn there too!

Call us to help you through the various stages of the project. Our experience with working with Condo and Co-op Boards and helping to build consensus in design decisions, will make your project go smoother and get you to the goal: making your Amenity spaces more enjoyable for everyone!