Project Description

The commercial lobby space accentuates In-Site Interior Design’s ability to seamlessly intertwine an array of diverse materials, creating a powerful and attractive accent for the residents of this apartment complex. The competition in the Williamsburg real estate market requires a design to be creative, high quality and provide function, especially when small spaces are considered.

The challenge of this L-shaped space is to enliven the corner and draw you in. Our firm, In-Site Interior Design, met this challenge through a dynamic play of geometric forms in both horizontal and vertical planes. The lighting is designed to highlight the complexity of the intertwining forms and textured wood surfaces. Color adds another strong design element in a space that playfully draws the visitor in and through the lobby of this residential building.

The wood accent features an ASI Architectural Systems 3-dimensional wood panel that are prefabricated and comply with Class-A fire rating. Porcelain tile on the walls and floors provide a budget-friendly and durable option for this low-maintenance building located in Brooklyn.