In-Site Interior Designers have the privilege of being involved with renovating and upgrading The Bay Club Condominiums over the course of the last 6 years. This on-going design project has included the Fitness Center Reception area, Locker Rooms and Pool as well as the Community Center including a Lounge, Banquet Room and Game Room.

In-Site Interior Design’s latest completed NYC interior design project is the renovation of the underground passage between the two Bay Club towers. This Concourse Level allows residents and guests to move from building to building without going outside. It also includes services such as a convenience store, beauty salon and dry cleaners.

Our challenge was to improve the lighting, finishes and experience of moving positively through the space, over the length of the 500 l.f. corridor. In-Site Interior Designer’s created a design that made the experience elegant and exciting. By developing a variety of accent walls, it defines different areas and allows the occupant to experience a sense of where they are within the corridor.

The view to the right is of the elevator area which features a package monitor over a contemporary console. Small benches under the consoles have since been added for residents waiting for others in this area, which also leads to the garages. The tile medallion is mirrored with a ceiling soffit and decorative materials give a luxurious feeling to the space.

Concourse Interiors Designed to Create Positive Energy throughout the Building

In-Site Interior Designers chose an electric carpet that brings color and provides an accent against the simplistic wallcoverings. The vibrant flooring brings an energy to the experience of walking through the Concourse Level and remains consistent throughout its length. They show their talents through materials and textures that liven up the area. A custom mural is the focal wall at the end of one long area, while geometric porcelain tiles provide a bright spot along the length of another long Concourse run.

Using one darker wall to contrast with a lighter wallcovering makes the space warm, bright and engaging. As the Concourse winds its way around various corners, the variation of the wallcoverings makes for an interesting play of color.

The abstract artwork used throughout provides a comforting calmness to the viewer and offers another level of beauty. Each artwork is different and yet coordinates with each other while also complimenting the flooring. In-Site Interior Design also included interesting artwork like the discs found around one of the elevator areas spaces, close to one end of the Concourse. The different sizes, colors and transparency of the discs direct your eyes in the direction in which an individual can travel.

The Importance of an Accent Wall

Throughout the Concourse Level is framed artwork that complements the overall color scheme of warm greys, blues and golds. But it’s the various types of accent walls designed by In-Site Interior Design, placed in choice locations, that really make a difference in the excitement of the space. A molded, geometric tile wall, highlighted with LED lights, brighten one long leg of corridor. Decorative wall décor highlights another area. A custom mural highlight another.

Using lighting to enliven the experience of proceeding through the space, In-Site Design selected different sconces and a warm light level. Overall, management and residents were happy to have this renovation be a strong addition to the condominium complex interior design.