Many homeowners, condo dwellers and apartment tenants are looking to spruce up their homes to become more personal, inviting, better entertaining spaces, or repurpose their underutilized spaces i.e. new home office, entry makeover, add more seating or storage for their kitchen, etc., making  spaces work better for our very busy lives. As award winning NYC-Metro designers, we work on projects of all sizes and love to help create better uses of spaces, update color schemes to current interior design trends and navigate the difficult supply chain issues of today’s markets for furnishings and accessories. These Spring 2022 Interior Design Trends are perfect for:

– New homeowners

– Anyone considering a new kitchen renovation

– Someone needing a new home office with a new WFH job

I also highly suggest you read a blog done by In-Site Interior’s creative principle, Elizabeth Vaughan, Working with a Designer … Things to Know as a great resource of what to expect if you are looking for professional designer assistance in your home, condo or apartment renovation as well as 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Dream Home by our senior interior designer Mallory Hamilton for great how to tips.


From the In-Site Interior Design Team

Kitchen Design by In-Site Interior designers


Organized and Ready for Guests

Designing a new, fully functional and organized kitchen is key when renovating. It’s the right time to assess priorities of how your kitchen should work for you: how to make prep easier, top notch storage including small appliances. Not only should it be perfect for the cooking aspect, we also expect our kitchens to dual for entertaining. With open layouts more common for contemporary interior design aesthetic or a necessity for multi-functional spaces in tight quarters, having seating to suit your needs is key too!

This upscale, Long Island kitchen featured, was designed for a homeowner looking for clean lines, everything to have a place, and amble space to entertain. The built-in cabinetry allows for the oversized side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, wine cooler and trash receptacles to all be built into the cabinetry for a seamless look. The self pulls for the hardware give it the perfect modern touch. The cabinetry even includes a paper garage to have a place to put the mail that you never know what to do with! The two-level island provides additional storage and prep space, as well as seating for 4, perfect for appetizers and pre-dinner cocktails, girls nights or casual dining.

By eliminating small appliances on the counter and selecting sleek contemporary finishes and fixtures, this home renovation is the perfect example of warm, inviting and fully functional kitchen space. Click here for more details on this high-end home renovation in our residential contemporary portfolio.


Maximizing Space in Style

With many people acquiring new jobs that are permanently Work From Home (WFH), maybe working a hybrid model, or creating new business start-ups, it shows that our home office spaces are here to stay. Sometimes the challenge is creating space to do it in, particularly for apartment renters with small spaces, and other times it is finding your style.

EQ3 features the contemporary bookcase integrated with a desk, shown above. Their NYC showroom has wonderful multi-functional pieces with an array of arrangements to choose from. We love the industrial vibe and minimal lines for an easy transformation of a media room or bedroom.

We as designers, also love a fun design elements in a home office tp make it personalized. It can be a great reason to have a wall painted in a colorful accent color or add a lively patterned wallcovering (perfect for impressing clients or your boss on zoom conference calls). This bold black and white patterned wallcovering by Koroseal, above, is a really fun example of adding a wow factor to a space regardless of size. Add certificates or a framed artwork to complete the office accent wall to really start impressing your team.

Our interior designers know it is very difficult to navigate the lead times and out-of-stock mayhem of furnishing spaces, but the best advice is be diligent in the shopping research, be patient when you just want the perfect item, and most of all, have fun with it! Pick items that will make you happy for years to come. Our years of experience can relieve much of the stress on clients so click here to read about our Home Interior Design Services.

I wish you the best of luck in your design endeavors and of course we are always here to assist along the way!

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