No one likes to feel cramped in their home so here at In-site, our NYC interior designers have decided to share some  tips on how to make a small space look and feel a lot bigger!
  • For contemporary spaces, white is a great “enlarger.” Spaces with white walls, furniture, and accessories give a minimalist and spacious feel.
  • Placement of furniture is also important. This can allow for easy movement in a space. Think of how the room can be used in order to decide on your furnishings in key locations.
  • Use furnishings that are scaled well and proportional to the room. Don’t use big, bulky pieces in smaller spaces.
  • Great lighting makes for great rooms: Be sure to use lighting at or near eye level, such as floor or table lamps and sconces. Stay away from ceiling lighting in bedrooms.
  • Avoid clutter! Clean out the mess, pare down accessories and make every piece count!