What are the advantages to hiring an interior designer?

Undertaking a renovation or new construction requires a lot of thought and planning. Depending on the size of the project, decisions need to be made about everything going into the space: from the adjacency of rooms, to the placement and specification of lighting or plumbing fixtures, down to the location of electrical outlets.

Professional interior designers know building codes, understand how people live and are versed in the advantages or disadvantages of all types of interior products. They can guide you in making those myriad decisions and, most important, prepare plans and drawings that you can review, revise, and agree on as the best for your particular needs.

Beyond the basic needs, a creative interior designer will make spaces that are personal and memorable. An aesthetically designed home relaxes you as you walk in the door, creating a refuge for you and nurturing your well-being.

A well-designed office or lobby interior increases profitability by conveying excellence and affirming success.

What should I be prepared to ask when interviewing an interior designer?

While each designer works differently, NYC interior designers at In-Site believe that you will want to ask:

●      What is the design process?
●      How long will it take to prepare plans or prepare color schemes?
●      Do I get a say in the design process or will In-Site make all the decisions/selections?
●      How much does it cost?

At In-Site Interior Design, the client determines how much or how little they want to be involved in the design process. Usually during the first client meeting, we are able to determine if the client wants to participate: for example, take part in shopping for products, or be involved in the planning. If not, we prepare drawings and obtain samples of all the materials we would recommend. At the first presentation, the design concept is unveiled (this can take two to four weeks, depending on the scope of the project.) We walk through the design and each of the elements and show product sheets and material samples for everything. Then it’s up to the client to approve each item, or ask for an alternative. When the client approves everything, detailed drawings and specifications are prepared so that a contractor will know how to price the project and what to buy to bring it to life. The cost of the design depends entirely on the size of the project. We go from hourly design rates for small projects to flat fees for large projects.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

An interior decorator is someone who can decorate the flat areas of the interior planes: walls, floors. They usually are limited to selecting colors, furniture and basic items.

An interior designer is a trained professional, having completed at least an undergraduate degree and having a working knowledge of building codes and construction detailing. Interior designers are members of and participate in industry associations and have experience in various areas of interior design.

Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan is a trained NYC interior designer. She received an undergraduate degree from Parsons School of Design and Accredited Professional of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-AP) in Commercial Interiors by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  With over 20 years of experience, Elizabeth is qualified to bring simple solutions to sometimes complex building issues.

What makes In-Site Interior Design different from other interior designers in NYC?

In-Site Interior Design is a team of creative designers who have heart. We care deeply about creating spaces that are not only elegantly simple, but personal and distinctive. We believe that the quality of our surroundings influences the quality of our lives and we want to make people happy! Whether it’s in their workplaces, or in their homes, or maybe even in the public spaces they visit in between, we seek to bring a joyous spirit to our clients.