New York Interior Designer Visits NeoCon 2012

New York interior designer, Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan of In-Site Interior Design visits Chicago for NeoCon 2012, one of the largest product and furniture fairs in the United States so that she can bring back fresh, new ideas to share with clients and friends.

Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan: What makes for great design? Its form, materials, colors, proportion and a the juxtaposition of textures. I’m Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan of In-Site Interior Design, ever on the search for new and interesting materials that will help us to create the great spaces we are known for.

On screen text:  Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan Of In-Site Interior Design Visits Chicago for NeoCon 2012 In-Site Interior Design, Inc. Elizabeth Sanchez Vaughan

We flew to Chicago to participate in NeoCon, one of the largest US product and furniture fairs. Over the course of two long days we saw hundreds of great things that we brought back to New York to share with our clients and friends. I just had to share them with you, so journey with us.

Look at these great forms, the proportions and the lines of these items from Seeyond,  which is a modular lit from within panel system, to really cool partitions from Izzy, to a great heat sensitive wall panel system and to some fabulous furniture form OSF and HBF. There is something for all types of interior design, contemporary lobbies, to trendy hotels, to elegant residences.

I met with product manufacturers to discuss their green initiatives and talked to others about how best to make their products work in our spaces. When you think of what design can do and what it can convey, design is not a luxury it is an essential. It shapes who we are and what we feel about where we are. At In-Site we will be using these products and furnishings to design spaces based on our clients style and hopefully winning more awards along the way.