So many times I am asked: What kind of interior design do you do? I am happy to tell you that as interior design artists at In-Site Interior Design, we apply our creative design talents to all types of projects.  We specialize in Residential and Commercial Design.  Home/Residential Interior Design includes Kitchen Interior Design, Living Room Interior Design, Dining Room Interior Design, Bedroom Interior Design, Kids Interior Design, Hallway Interior Design.  We do it for Private Homes, Condos, and Apartments. Our Commercial Interior Design includes Corporate Office Interior Design and Lobby Interior Design.  Our Healthcare Interior Design includes Medical Offices, Nursing Homes and Dental Offices.  We have expertise in Retail Design, including Boutique Hotels, and Corridor Interiors. We also do Interior Design for new development buildings and well as renovations, Apartment Building Design including Condo Building Interior Design, Co-op Building Interior Design and Rental Building Interior Design.

What about our style?

Well, each of our clients are very different so we design within the style they love! We do contemporary interior design style for the clients who want that, and traditional interior design style for the clients who want that. And for those in between, then we give them a transitional interior design style that fits their lifestyle.  We are happy to use our long and well-established list of resrouces to research style and function-specific design ideas for each of our clients.

Where do you work?

We have worked on design projects as far as California and Florida. But mostly we are NYC Interior Designers, working in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island City. We also have clients in New Jersey so we are happy to give you a creative interior design for your home, office or building.

Call me, Elizabeth, to discuss how I and my team of excellent interior designers can turn your design vision into a reality!