Yes…I know, it sounds wierd. But the experience of designing a room and seeing it reach completion after the final accessories are in is similar to the joy and exhilaration of giving birth! Having birthed two beautiful babies, I know firsthand how wonderful and exciting it is. The wonder. The thrill of seeing them at last. The pride.

We recently completed a project that took over 1 1/2 years to complete from design through furniture deliveries, past construction delays. But at long last and after a hard labor, I am proud to say we’ve given birth to an amazing….4 bedrooms, a study and a hall! I’m still so excited about the overall serenity of the Master Bedroom, the opulence and rich textures in the Guest Room and the fun color of the daughter’s room. I love seeing the small details we packed in, like the blue velvet buttons on the Master Bedroom draperies and the backlit plexi custom cabinet which features the daughter’s snow globe collection. I love the wool rugs we found which fit perfectly into each room, and I love the bathrooms which are beautifully elegant with water-jet cut stone. Here’s a sneak peek of one corner in the Master Bedroom.

We had the project photographed just before the client’s eldest daughter gave birth to a girl. We’re very excited for the family, and we’re especially happy that her former bedroom (now a special “Guest Room”) will be wholly enjoyed by the new family!

Check back in two weeks when we’ll be able to post all of the project photos!

In the meantime, Happy Decorating!