It’s been a year in the making and our Luxury Home Collection is just about ready to launch. I’m so proud of what we created and how hard our team has worked to make it happen. The process has been fabulous and trying. With all the design projects still on our boards, we’ve managed to pull this together and we’re eager to bring it to the world!

It is so important for us to be able to help people to bring a fresh look to their spaces. Have their spaces be nurturing, peaceful. All without a major overhaul of furniture (which gets really expensive.) Our Home Collection is the easiest way to get a new look. Changing the paint color of the walls can either be a weekend project for those DIY-ers like me, or you can hire a painter when you’re ready for a professional job. Our Collection will helps by bringing you all these items together in one place: draperies, pillows, art and new accessories. All beautifully coordinated. All without spending hours of shopping stores and websites. This is very exciting! We can’t wait to start seeing photos of the transformation of the rooms you want to change. We wholeheartedly invite you to send us your BEFORE and AFTER photos to show us how great the room looks!

Any room can be transformed: Living Rooms with new window treatments: Look for the cool top treatments we have, like grommets or tab tops. There are such great fabrics and colors. ‘Throw’ in a few great throw pillows and add a coordinating tall vase for drama! Bedrooms: Add new art, throw pillows on the bed (with neutral bedding that you already own!) and Viola! It’s a whole new look! Dining Rooms: Choose a new drapery for the season with a stylish drapery rod and some great art for the walls. Put a new sculpture on your credenza. Boom! It’s Awesome! Any room can be uplifted, enlivened, and made dramatic!

And if you need help selecting just the right look for your room, you can enlist one of our designers to provide just the right design assistance. Book a consultation: 1 hour or 3 hour packages are available. And if you’re redoing the whole room, call us for a proposal to fully customize your home or office. We’ll help you define your style, and bring your space to life! And we’d love to meet you!

Happy Decorating!


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