I finally understand just why LED lighting is the future of all lighting. Of course I could see the crispness of the light and agree with the fact that for such a low usage of energy, the light output is considerable. But now I have a fine appreciation of how it has and will continue to change the world of interior design and lighting.

So here are a few things I recently learned at a “Qualifying LED Luminaires” seminar sponsored by a leading manufacturer of LED fixtures, RAB Lighting:

-When selecting LED light fixtures, make sure they use a 2 or 3 step binning process. What that means is that the LED modules are selected from a very small and specific range of the color spectrum during the manufacturing process. What that means for you is that the color of the fixture will be consistent, especially when you have them close together, over a long period of time. This holds for interior light fixtures. For outdoor light fixtures that are placed much further apart, look for a 5 to 7 step binning process.

-To avoid selecting poorly manufactured light fixtures, make sure the specifications state that it was tested to the LM-79 and LM-80 tests. These are standardized industry tests that will ensure quality fixtures. When lifetime fixture hours are shown (i.e., 100,000 hours) make sure it has been tested to the TM-21 test.

-With other sources of light, the quality of the lamp (professional speak for “bulb”) itself is of primary concern. With LED fixtures, the assembly is of utmost importance. The reason is that the LED burns so hot, that the “heat sink” is key. This is the fixture part that is responsible for cooling and dispersing the heat. When it all works together well, the fixture will rate well on the TM-21.

-Lastly, always choose a dimmer that has been tested and approved to work with the specific LED fixture you are using. This must be called out in the specs because the dimmer’s electrical characteristics must sync perfectly with the fixture in order to avoid problems like flickering or no-stepping.

I can recommend you check out these fixtures. With the right color temperature, these downlights will look and function beautifully.