As a designer of new apartment buildings, I understand just how important it is to include great amenity spaces. Tenants of large buildings want additional spaces so that it makes them feel as if they have larger living areas. The ability to go to a community lounge helps to extend their personal living space. Not only that, community rooms enable a “community” to develop. We all long to be connected so some buildings actually have “life style” concierges who plan parties and events in those community rooms. The building then becomes a great vertical “neighborhood!”

Here at In-Site, we strive to design exciting recreation spaces to facilitate those connections. One space we designed has a custom-built trapezoidal table: closed it’s a large conference table; open, it can be broken down to 3 separate tables. Flexibility is key.

The age-old pool table always offers a game to play, an area to congregate. Newer spaces like: yoga rooms, lounges with “genius bars” and open kitchens for classes and events offer tenants other means to enjoy their homes. We often work closely with the marketing team to come up with the best type of amenities. And our designs for outdoor spaces ensure that the building is extremely attractive to prospective tenants or owners.

Most recently, I was featured in the LI Business News in their article “Uncommon Areas, Multifamily developers putting greater focus on modern amenities.”  I was quoted:  “The idea is to make spaces more flexible, depending on the varied needs of tenants.”


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