Often I am asked questions specific to selecting the right paint, not just the right paint color. Here are a few tips:

-If your walls are in bad condition, then have them skim-coated to make them smooth. This is applying a coat of joint compound to the entire wall surface/room, letting it dry and then having it sanded smooth. Sometimes it takes more than one coat, but smooth walls look better.

-If the walls are in bad condition or if you decide not to smooth coat, then flat paint will make the imperfection less noticeable. I always prefer a pearl or eggshell finish but these add a slight sheen. That sheen will reflect light and you will notice the imperfections a bit more.

-If the walls are in decent condition, then go with a bit of sheen. I also prefer pearl finish to eggshell finish because I like the sheen. It’s elegant.

-Whites: Yes, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tones of whites: White Dove and Navajo White: the generally have a bit of yellow, so they’re considered “warm.” Decorators’ White is a bit grayer and goes great with contemporary white furnishings.

-Is it worth adding a tint and going with, say, the Benjamin Moore OC series? If you don’t mind paying a little bit more, then generally yes, it is. The different tones will add a hint of color and sometimes, that’s what you want.

-Quality of Paint: I’m a big Benjamin Moore fan.There are some other great companies out there: the Designer lines like Farrow and Ball, Stark and Mystic paint. They’re not sold in as many stores as Benjamin Moore. So you may want to consider a few of Benjamin Moore’s upgrades: Natura has low voc’s which are the components which cause paint to smell. If you have small kids, are sensitive to smells, or want to sleep in the room the same night you paint, then go for Natura.  Aura is another of their great products: it has a mildew resistant composition so it’s great for bathrooms. I’ve used it and it is successful for reducing or preventing mildew spots.

Color is a whole different topic but here’s a few things to consider:

Taupe colors which are beige/grey are create spaces that are warm and contemporary.

I never tire of lilac/light violet tones. I recently did a girls room with a medium lilac and on one wall we added stripes of the Benjamin Moore glazing. It’s a great effect.

Going bold is always fun: My feeling is that paint is the cheapest of design elements: Go bold and if you don’t like it: repaint!

Always: Have fun during the process…make a positive change in your environment for a positive change in your life!