I often am amazed at how lucky I am to have ended up in this profession as a New York Interior Designer. I truly love what I do!

Long overdue, I finalized the selection for terrace furnishings for a development project. It’s going to be a great terrace: we have an outdoor pool table, and a ping pong table, both shaded by contemporary tensile fabric structures. We’re planning for a wide Living Green Wall which is basically a vertical metal structure that is covered by vines and green landscaping. The Living Wall remains green year round and would provide a great backdrop for outdoor lounging. The furnishings will be a mix of dark woven wicker sofas with a fun round sofa in one area. Mostly the teak wood furniture we selected was for the reason that it doesn’t get overly hot during the summer months.

Much of the day was spent on administrative duties for both the projects and my corporation. And marketing tasks. These days are definitely not as fun as a day full of project related design, but it is a requirement of having a functioning business!