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Bold Play

 Your Room, Delivered.

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Designer Package One

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Re-invent Your Style 

Unapologetic with the use of hypersaturated neons and unbashful geometric forms. This is the perfect modern makeover for those who thrive in color and aren’t afraid to show it off or those who are ready to take the leap. In-Site designers have hand selected fabrics and accessories with neon yellow, acid green and aqua blue tones to provide a fresh contrast to the perfect shades of grey, white and black. Selecting the right white can become overwhelming so we’ve done it for you with our Designer Paint Palettes. Inspired by current millennial trends, Bold Play is a great choice for any space looking to showcase a fashion-forward style. Our drapery options further enhance the look: make it playful with the lively, white textured sheer; or go more dramatic with the charcoal geometric drapery. Bold Play is a highly customizable, which allows you to integrate the perfect amount of color and modern design for your particular palette. It’s Perfectly Playful.