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Luxury Home Collection

Select the Color Scheme which Fits You Best!

Freshen Up Your New Space With These Simple Steps!


Step 1: Check Out Our Visionary Trends

We’ve created our Luxury Home Collections to be fresh looks for today and will look great season after season. We want to make designing your space easier [too many options make for hard decisions], faster [who has time anymore?] and more stylish [be Fashion Forward!] The same In-Site Design team that creates multi-million dollar residences developed this Collection so you can have great custom-made design right away.

Step 2: Select The Right Collection For You

Each Collection will transform your room into a special space. So…Create a Haven. Make a Statement. Go Quietly or Go Bold. In-Site’s designs include full Benjamin Moore paint color palettes, delicious fabrics for draperies and pillows, coordinated art and fabulous accessories. Once you’ve selected the Color Scheme that fits your personality, go ahead and order the fabric samples. We’re firm believers in seeing actual fabric samples to feel the textures and see the exact color shades.  We’ll credit the cost of the samples against your order. You’ll see first-hand how great everything looks together.

Step 3: Complete The Look

When you order any of the Designer Paint Palettes, we’ll send you 4” x 4” paint chips with the color numbers [sorry, no samples of these prior to ordering.] And when you order the draperies or pillows, our workroom will custom make them for you [yes, Made in the USA.] Then mix and match within the  Color Scheme for art and accessories that complete the Look. Or for the easiest decision, go with one of our Designer Packages.

 Step 4: Tips & Tricks

Check out our Design Blog for advice on all things design. It includes helpful info like “Top 5 Decorating Ideas” and “Paint-It’s not all about color”.

Need more help or have specific questions about creating the perfect room with what you already have? Consider our Design Consultation Packages to get one-on-one designer help.