Project Description


Bold, Energetic, Contemporary

This 36-unit, high-rise rental building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was designed to attract working professionals and their families to its mostly 2-Bedroom Units, in an area of Williamsburg still in transition. Elizabeth Vaughan and the In-Site team designed the lobby to be at once both energizing with blue accent lighting and soothing with watery motifs. Our NYC designer used contemporary and energetic themes with use of natural materials and pops of color. Winner of the LIBI Award for Design Excellence.

The design challenge was to create a personality for the building that was unique and exciting. The program called for rental prices above the typical neighborhood price range and with having a client who is a strong believer in the power of good design, the Elizabeth Vaughan and the In-Site Design team were excited to be on board. We met the challenge in the lobby through an impactful focal area. The accent wall is oriented to the seating area and offers a place to gather, to create a sense of community for the residents. Combining natural finishes of warm woods and stone, plantings and furnishings bring warmth to the space. The integration of blue accent lighting around the ceiling panels adds a level of excitement and, in this area of Williamsburg, the building generated a buzz as being high end and attracted families looking for an upscale residence.

The blue accent carries through the lobby into the corridors with a strong paint color scheme and a focal wall at the elevators. Low maintenance, durable and well-priced materials were used throughout: porcelain tile, laminates and LED lighting, ideal for rental buildings. The prototypical apartment was designed to be a welcome haven with inviting details and modern finishes of white and walnut wood. A clean, contemporary treatment for the bathrooms completes the building’s high-end style for the residents. The client is happy as the building is fully occupied with little turnover.