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In-Site Wins 2 LIBI Awards For Our Designs

We’re so excited that LIBI, The Long Island Builders Institute, acknowledged our design excellence when it awarded us a Double Diamond, the top honor, in the Whole House Makeover for the Roslyn Heights project. They also awarded us the Diamond honor in the Multi Family category for the Skillman Suites project. LIBI is a strong association of Builders and Associates developing buildings across the metropolitan and Long Island areas and we are so pleased to have received this recognition from them.

Both projects were the culmination of many months of hard work, drawings, specifications, and construction angst, that when I am in the finished spaces, I breathe deeply. Not only from a sigh of relief, but of excitement at having “birthed” a wonderful, fully-grown child! Because we put all of our heart and soul into our craft, each space/room/building is a creation of art and imagination.

We are ever grateful to our clients, who allow us artistic freedom and give us the canvas to work on. I truly value the relationships that we have developed during the months of working together. I respect and I admire the people I serve. I keep their goals at the forefront of my mind and I thank them for their trust. Congratulations to them!

Completing a project is like birthing a baby!

Yes…I know, it sounds wierd. But the experience of designing a room and seeing it reach completion after the final accessories are in is similar to the joy and exhilaration of giving birth! Having birthed two beautiful babies, I know firsthand how wonderful and exciting it is. The wonder. The thrill of seeing them at last. The pride.

We recently completed a project that took over 1 1/2 years to complete from design through furniture deliveries, past construction delays. But at long last and after a hard labor, I am proud to say we’ve given birth to an amazing….4 bedrooms, a study and a hall! I’m still so excited about the overall serenity of the Master Bedroom, the opulence and rich textures in the Guest Room and the fun color of the daughter’s room. I love seeing the small details we packed in, like the blue velvet buttons on the Master Bedroom draperies and the backlit plexi custom cabinet which features the daughter’s snow globe collection. I love the wool rugs we found which fit perfectly into each room, and I love the bathrooms which are beautifully elegant with water-jet cut stone. Here’s a sneak peek of one corner in the Master Bedroom.

We had the project photographed just before the client’s eldest daughter gave birth to a girl. We’re very excited for the family, and we’re especially happy that her former bedroom (now a special “Guest Room”) will be wholly enjoyed by the new family!

Check back in two weeks when we’ll be able to post all of the project photos!

In the meantime, Happy Decorating!


Tips for Making a Room Sing!

Our goal at In-Site is to create spaces that resonate with the personality of our clients. So we spend time learning about they like and what makes them happy. In order to help more of you have homes that you love, we’ve created six Color Schemes with Personality! When choosing a Scheme, look for the colors that make you happy! That’s the basis for any great design.

Do navy blues make you feel warm and cozy? Then check out Classic Revolution.

Do soft whites make you relaxed? Then you’ll love Winter Blush.

Do you want to be energized? Go with Bold Play.

Are you an urban chic? You’ll feel great with Urban Loft.

Do you love vintage? Country looks? Then Farmhouse Retreat is for you.

Does the Midwest inspire you? Do you love dusky blues and leathery browns? Feel the Santa Fe Valley!

If you’re selecting paint colors for the walls, remember to look at the color samples vertically. Tape them to the wall. Look at them in morning light. And evening light. The paint colors within our Collections are all coordinated for you, so you know they work together great!


Creating a Home Collection

It’s been a year in the making and our Luxury Home Collection is just about ready to launch. I’m so proud of what we created and how hard our team has worked to make it happen. The process has been fabulous and trying. With all the design projects still on our boards, we’ve managed to pull this together and we’re eager to bring it to the world!

It is so important for us to be able to help people to bring a fresh look to their spaces. Have their spaces be nurturing, peaceful. All without a major overhaul of furniture (which gets really expensive.) Our Home Collection is the easiest way to get a new look. Changing the paint color of the walls can either be a weekend project for those DIY-ers like me, or you can hire a painter when you’re ready for a professional job. Our Collection will helps by bringing you all these items together in one place: draperies, pillows, art and new accessories. All beautifully coordinated. All without spending hours of shopping stores and websites. This is very exciting! We can’t wait to start seeing photos of the transformation of the rooms you want to change. We wholeheartedly invite you to send us your BEFORE and AFTER photos to show us how great the room looks!

Any room can be transformed: Living Rooms with new window treatments: Look for the cool top treatments we have, like grommets or tab tops. There are such great fabrics and colors. ‘Throw’ in a few great throw pillows and add a coordinating tall vase for drama! Bedrooms: Add new art, throw pillows on the bed (with neutral bedding that you already own!) and Viola! It’s a whole new look! Dining Rooms: Choose a new drapery for the season with a stylish drapery rod and some great art for the walls. Put a new sculpture on your credenza. Boom! It’s Awesome! Any room can be uplifted, enlivened, and made dramatic!

And if you need help selecting just the right look for your room, you can enlist one of our designers to provide just the right design assistance. Book a consultation: 1 hour or 3 hour packages are available. And if you’re redoing the whole room, call us for a proposal to fully customize your home or office. We’ll help you define your style, and bring your space to life! And we’d love to meet you!

Happy Decorating!


Bold Play Living Room_Final_Small